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Bill Guting is one of the founders and partners of DreamVest Capital Management and is primarily focused on implementing the company's vision, overall strategy, working with key partners, and overseeing investor relations.

He is an author, entrepreneur, a licensed Real Estate Broker, and a veteran investor with over 25 years of successful real estate investing experience and personal involvement in over 600 transactions.

He is an avid traveler... part-time health nut (with a weakness for pancakes)... sports fan (mainly boxing these days)... and a reader and student of good books and courses in the realm of business, real estate, spirituality, and personal growth.



Who We Are And What We Do

DreamVest Capital Management caters to busy professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and hands-off private investors who want to increase, replace, or supplement their income… with passive cash flow from real estate-oriented investments.

Here are the 4 types of investments we make available to our clients:

Private Mortgage Lending

This is when you loan out your money and start receiving payments, just like the bank.

As a Private Mortgage Lender, your investment is secured by real estate (typically a single family home, or sometimes by a 2-4 unit property)… there are no tenants or toilets to worry about (remember, you’re the bank, not a landlord) … it’s an ideal investment for your IRA or 401k (although you don’t need one)… and your overall fixed return can be phenomenal (8-12% or more).

Typical investment amounts are in $25k - $50k increments if you'd like to invest in a small group, or we can set aside an entire investment if you prefer to be a solo investor (up to $250k).

Term of Investment: 1 - 5 years depending your goals/objectives.

Note Investments

This is similar to Private Mortgage Lending, but instead of originating the loan, as a Note Investor, you’re acquiring an existing loan (also called a ‘Promissory Note’ or ‘Note’) on a piece of real estate and you receive the monthly payments, just like the bank.  Notes already exist and usually have some kind of track record in place, which typically makes them easier to evaluate.

Joint Ventures (JV’s)

Our Joint Ventures (JV) are properties that are available as partnerships, so you have direct ownership in the assets we acquire.  We do all the heavy lifting (finding/negotiating/securing the deal + rehab and project management + marketing/selling of the property) and our JV partners finance the acquisition, rehab, and holding costs. 

Depending on the project, the average annual return for our investors is typically between 15% - 25% or more. 

JV's are available on two types of opportunities: 

=>  Larger and/or more extensive fix & flip projects, where the perceived risk is a little higher (although our experience and track record substantially diminishes the risk). 

Typical investment amounts are in $25k - $50k increments if you'd like to invest in a small group, or we can also set aside an entire investment if you prefer to be a solo investor (up to $1.2M). 

Term of Investment: 6-12 months 

=> Smaller 1-4 unit properties (primarily single-family homes) that we sell to owner-occupants via seller financing or rent-to-own. 

Typical investment amounts are in $25k - $50k increments if you'd like to invest in a small group, or we can also set aside an entire investment if you prefer to be a solo investor (up to $500k). 

Term of Investment: 1-5 years

Syndication (Group Investing)

Our syndications are group investments in mainly commercial multifamily projects (larger apartment complexes). 

Ex. A recent one was a $3.4M Class B Apartment Complex in the Midwest.  Investors get an 8-12% cash-on-cash return, payable quarterly, plus 60% of the profit upon sale of the property in 3-5 years, which boosts their overall average annual return to between 15 - 25% or more (our typical target for our syndications).

Typical investment amounts are in $25k - $50k increments.

Term of Investment: 3-5 years.

Who We Work With

⇒ Busy, motivated, and/or high-achieving investors, professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to passively grow their cash flow and financial wealth through Real Estate and Real Estate-oriented investments. 

⇒ Clients with a high degree of personal accountability and drive. 

⇒ Clients who understand the value of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. 

⇒ Clients willing to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect. 

⇒ Clients with a high follow-through on advice. 

⇒ Clients not shopping for the lowest-cost provider – You understand that specialized knowledge and expertise is not an expense, but instead, an asset that enhances overall returns.  

“Passive Income to Power Your Dreams”


Example #1 – 14-Unit Remodel

14- Unit Remodel in Up-and-Coming Area 

  • Purchased for $252,000
  • Bank-owned property (only 3 units occupied at time of purchase)
  • Repairs and Capital Improvements of $116,850 includes all-new kitchens, floor upgrades, electrical upgrades, interior/exterior paint, etc.
  • Stabilized value: $665,000

Example #2 – $1.25M Flip

$1,250,000 Profit in 12 Months! 

  • All 60 units were studio apartments
  • 20% vacancy
  • 30% non-paying tenants
  • Increased occupancy to 85% within 12 months
  • EXIT: Sold apartment complex for $1.25 Million profit in only 12 months.

Example #3 – Florida Fix & Flip

Stunning Golf Course Property 

  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, with 2,704 square feet of living space; situated on large half-acre lot; located in desirable country club.
  • Purchase Price: $260,000 
  • Repairs/Capital Improvements: $73,500 
  • After repair value: $450,000 - $475,000


Example #1 - Townhome Apartments in Prime Midwest Market

  • Purchase Price: $3.4M

  • Future Value (after upgrades and renovations): $4.7 Million

  • Renovation Budget: $200k

  • MISC: Located in a great middle-class neighborhood in one of the most affluent cities in the region; same owner for nearly 40 years. Building was near full occupancy, and in good condition with little to no deferred maintenance. Value-add opportunity: Rents were 25% - 32% below market for the area.

  • EXIT STRATEGY: Currently holding. Total hold will be 3-5 years, with a projected average annual return of 15% - 25% to our investors.

Example #2 - 60 Units Distress Sale

Purchase Price: $1.37 Million

• Stabilized Value: $2.2 - $2.3 Million

• Rehab/Repairs: $75,000

• MISC: Located in solid working-class neighborhood; same owner since 1976; owner was retiring and liquidating real estate holdings. Building was only 40% occupied due to lack of management and poor marketing of vacant units.

• EXIT STRATEGY: Currently holding. Total hold period will be 3-5 years and will exit at a projected sale price of $2.2M or more.

Example #3 - 72 Units in Emerging Market (Northern California)

Purchase Price: $2.5 Million

• Selling Price: $4.97 Million

• Percentage Gain: 96%

• 35% vacant at time of purchase

• Renovated over 50% of units and brought occupancy to 96% within 4 months


"...The Best Real Estate Professionals We Have Had The Pleasure of Partnering With..."

“Being very serious investors, we have dealt with a wide number and variety of persons selling real estate. Of the dozens we have dealt with, you have been patient and responsive to our developing a five-year real estate purchasing business plan. I will go so far as to say you are the best real estate professionals we have had the pleasure of partnering with… Your calm and persistent nature has made us feel very comfortable with you and you have earned our trust in our business venture together. Tanya and I are looking forward to our future of real estate investing with you!”
- Bill & Tanya Naber

"Above and Beyond"

“I have nothing but positive things to say … they go above and beyond when it comes to communicating with their investors and providing great customer service. Even when things don’t go as planned (like when the utility company implements a new policy and delays the renting process by more than 3 weeks!), they always keep me informed about what’s going on, and I feel they really do care about me, my properties, and my renters.

It’s rare to find this kind of dedication and service from a real estate company (or any type of company for that matter!), and best of all, the returns we’ve been getting have blown away any other investment my wife and I have ever been involved in!”​
- Phong Nguyen

"I am Just Amazed at the Returns I'm Getting and Can Now Realistically See Myself Retiring in A Little Less Than 5 Years!"

“I have always invested in stocks, mutual funds, and other types of traditional investments, so when I heard of the returns that DreamVest was touting, I was intrigued, but I was also very skeptical and thought it was too good to be true. After completing my first investment, I’m just amazed at the returns I’m getting, and can now realistically see myself retiring in a little less than 5 years.”
- Kieu Loan


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