Why Five Rings Financial With Nicole Aspenson?

Nicole loves helping her clients create their own S.W.A.N plan to Sleep Well At Night… knowing their retirement funds and families are guaranteed to be protected and safe.

Preparing for your financial future is one of the most important steps you can take in life. From tax-advantaged strategies to lifetime income solutions, Nicole can help you create and enjoy the retirement of your dreams.

"Through a unique combination of education and empowerment, I help my clients make great financial decisions they can be confident with. After having gained experience in leading, training and managing in the corporate world, I built a successful bookkeeping business. When I added group and one-on-one training to my business I discovered my passion for teaching people. In 2011, I began looking at expanding my business to include financial services. Initially, I was disheartened by what was "out there"...but then, I was introduced to Five Rings Financial and I'm delighted to be part of such a high integrity organization!"

"I am excited to have transitioned into this amazing industry where I can share my passion; education and empowering my clients to achieve financial success. From business owners to business executives; from young families to successful singles, I enjoy teaching my clients that there are guaranteed, safe options for building and protecting their wealth and creating a lifetime income stream they can never outlive."


This is why I LOVE what I do, Click a link below to learn about "Living Benefits"

Most people purchase life insurance to provide a legacy of financial security at the time of their death. But doesn’t it make sense for the benefits to extend and be available for the difficult financial times they have to face if a chronic, critical or terminal illness precedes death? The industry calls the benefit an “Accelerated Death Benefit Rider.”

We refer to it as real “Living Benefits
Life Insurance for Life

Watch some real case stories to learn more:

Dudley’s Story

Butler’s Story


We all have dreams...a comfortable retirement, sending kids to college or simply building our wealth. However, often times we are not sure where to start.
Join us for a relaxed, informative workshop and a complimentary lunch or dinner where you'll learn about concepts and solutions that can dramatically change the way you look at money.

Nothing is ever sold at our workshops; concepts are presented in a relaxed, group format where you can become more educated without feeling any pressure.

Whether you're comfortable with personal finances or you feel like you're in the dark about money matters, we enthusiastically invite you to join us.

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Wine, Women & Wealth is a community of women supporting each other in business and their relationship with money… We believe that empowered and educated women make great decisions with their money!

You can expect light appetizers, wine tasting, and lots of networking. We’ll start with open networking before we have an enlightening “money conversation.” Each woman will introduce herself with a 30 second commercial and then we’ll network some more!

Feel free to register for as many events as you’d like to attend and please invite friends! The event is complimentary so all you need to bring is a smile, business cards and your girlfriends!

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We are building a community of women who desire to take charge of their financial future, expand their knowledge, and build their confidence regarding money and wealth.

Help us in our mission to gather a community of amazing women that love supporting each other while learning to have a great relationship with money! Amazing things happen when women team up and get together. So, come and join us on the journey to financial freedom.

Remember your business cards, we always make time to network... Bring a girlfriend and be a part of our growing community of women who are committed to educating and empowering ourselves about money.

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 The Rule of 72 

Compound Interest

The Impact Of Taxes

Need To Invest Early


Do you know anyone who is looking to make a career change or is job hunting? What about anyone that may want to add $300 - $400 a month of additional income through our referral program?

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It’s often said that the financial services industry can be the most rewarding industry when you work with a team dedicated to your success. A lot of people work independently and don’t have the camaraderie of a team. Learn more about Five Rings Financial and how you can find a home and team with us!

If you’re a dedicated financial services professional looking to “teach” rather than “sell,” consider a partnership with us. Our education and training systems offer the support you need to join the best of the best in the industry.

If there’s a catch, it’s here: this isn’t just about you. Nicole is looking for smart, personable, service-oriented folks to work alongside her because, frankly, demand is high. Millions of residents in Middle America are in need of an education in the basics of personal finance, and Five Rings Financials goal is to meet that need. This is a career and a calling. It’s your opportunity to substantially help yourself while uplifting others along the way.

If you’re ready to start making a REAL DIFFERENCE in the lives of others, call Nicole today at (858) 705-3644 for a personal interview.

Current Positions with Five Rings Financial

Advocate / Referral Program: NOW HIRING
• Become a “Secret Agent” or Advocate and get appointed so you can refer business to us and get compensated without being directly involved in the transaction and day to day business.

Part Time Associate: NOW HIRING
• Average $21,600 to $43,200
• Start out part time to supplement another full time career or use part time to transition gradually to full time.

Full Time Associate: NOW HIRING
• Average $84,600 to $259,200
• This is a full position as an Associate Agent with a focus initially on personal production with an opportunity for advancement in to a leadership position that includes field training and agency development.

Field Trainers: NOW HIRING
• Average $169,200 to $343,800
• Focus is primarily on your personal production while at the same time conducting joint field training to assist new agents in getting established. There is potential to earn additional compensation on agent trainee cases.

Branch Manager: For select Individuals and agencies
• Average $500,000 and up. Start your own Branch Office and build your agency.
• This position may include recruitment responsibilities and direction of sub-agents as well as multiple Division and Regional Managers in your hierarchy.

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 Nicole J Aspenson, SME, TFRS
 Executive Vice President
 M: (858) 705-3644

 Office Address:    
 Ridgefield, WA 98642

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