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Stephen is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and coach. Entrepreneurship has always been Stephen's passion. Stephen grew up selling chocolates and beanie babies at the age of 8. He would purchase the beanie babies for $6 and sell them for $20 at family parties and school.

After getting out of jail at 16, he connected with amazing mentors and leaders, and he learned from top producing business professionals. At 18 years old, Stephen and his soon to be wife, Angela, started a photography business. They photographed 48 weddings in their first year. At 19 years old, they were making 6 figures shooting weddings and decided to start their second company.

Today, Stephen owns multiple corporations with over 87 full time employees and over 66 part time employees. After he suffered a stroke in 2015, Stephen knew life was not just about making money but leaving a legacy. He plans to leave that legacy through his upcoming book, “The Lazy Millionaire”, his weekly podcast show “Success Talks”, his coaching & mentorship program and his Stegela Success Mastery Online Courses. Stephen’s mission is to help as many people as possible to live fulfilled, successful, and flourishing lives!


Entrepreneur Coaching
Our society has taught us to "go to school, get good grades, and get a good paying job with benefits". This has taught us to work 40 hours a week, for 40 years of our lives, and to retire on 40% of our actual income. This is modern day slavery!
This program was designed to help those who desire to become entrepreneurs but need professional coaching to learn how to go about achieving their goals and dreams. Our coaches have succeeded at starting numerous businesses and know how to turn any idea into something massively profitable!

For those who already have a business but need that coaching to get to the next level, our coaches have developed business systems which helps turn a small business into a thriving mid size corporation and later into an investment company.
Whether you have only an idea and no other business plans, or you have no clue what business to start or where to begin, this program is for you! We love to take someone who only has a desire to be an entrepreneur and it is our job to get them out of their day jobs and running a full profitable business! No matter which stage in entrepreneurship, we can help!

Mastermind Group

For those who currently have a business or is starting a business, this program is designed out of the book "Think and Grow Rich" which suggest that two heads are better than one. This mastermind group focuses on not only brainstorming with the brightest minds around but you are held accountable to have immediate action behind the brainstorming. Each entrepreneur in this group is at various different levels in their businesses and life! This group gets very real and raw with each other. There is an application process to be part of this tight close group. Being part of our mastermind group will enrich your personal and professional life! Be sure to contact us for information on joining our mastermind group!

Here are two videos recaps of past sessions:

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